Selecting the right roof color is a crucial decision that enhances your home’s appearance and value. Aside from personal taste, there are other various factors to consider. Local roofing contractor Premier Systems Roofing explains the key elements you should look out for in your hunt for the perfect, timeless roof color.


Consider Your Home’s Style and Architecture

Your home’s style and architecture play a significant role in determining the best roof color to choose. Consider the materials used in its construction and the overall aesthetic of your home.

Consider the Materials

It’s also worth considering the types of materials used for your roof. Durable materials such as cedar shakes and shingles, asphalt shingles, sheet metal panels, and tile roof options are common and preferred. You can ask your trusted roofing contractor for their recommendation on timeless roof colors that will complement your fiber cement or vinyl siding, gutters, and window trim.

Think About the Surrounding Area

Take a look at the color scheme of the community and the surrounding area. It determines the overall vibe and ambiance of your neighborhood. When picking a suitable color, make sure it doesn’t clash with the houses around you.

Consider the Climate in Your Area

Climate significantly influences roof color selection. Choose a color that reflects heat in hot climates to keep your home cooler in the summer.

Choosing a Timeless Color

Timeless need not be boring or dated. Homeowners often think classic colors are limited to black, gray, or brown. Other shades like navy blue, almond, forest green, and creamy yellow are colors that have stood the test of time and survived trends. Think about what colors will look good with your home style even years from now.

Seek Help From Reliable Exterior Contractors

Consult an experienced roof and siding contractor for professional advice if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the roofing colors. Our team of experts at Premier Systems Roofing is happy to help you choose the perfect timeless color for your home. Call us at (605) 361-4955 to discuss your roofing options today! You can also fill out our convenient online form and we’ll get back to you.