Meet the Premier Systems Roofing Team

Quality products matter, but not as much as the roofers you choose to install them! Throughout our service area, we at Premier Systems Roofing have hired and trained our teams to do the job right the first time. We believe that ongoing training in industry best practices and proper installation techniques leads to a better roofing system and, in the end, happier customers. We invest in our roofers so when you invest in your new roof, you have a quality roof that will protect your family or business for decades. Meet our team:

About Our Owners

Our owners, Kelly Swee and Scott Meyer, started Premier Systems Roofing in Sioux Falls in 2002. Their goal was to build a business that provided exceptional home restoration services to local families who suffered storm damage. They saw too many roofers coming in the aftermath of a storm who didn’t stick around, leaving homeowners with poorly installed roofing systems and no warranty. Since then, the company has grown to include offices in five states, and has expanded to offer siding and other home restoration services as well as a commercial division.

Quality, Service & Customer Satisfaction

Although our motto is actually On Time, On Budget and On Call 24/7, it could also be “Dedicated to installing only quality products, expert services with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction.” Every Premier Systems Roofing employee knows to treat our customers the way they want to be treated. We employ expert craftsmen who share our philosophies; this sets us apart from other roofers who come through our service areas when storms happen.

We’re on Your Side

A great deal of the work we do involves insurance claims restoration. Because we’re Haag Certified Inspectors, insurance adjusters know we have the training and knowledge to find hidden storm damage. If we don’t think a settlement offer is fair for the extent of damage, we’ll advocate on your behalf to get your claim covered. Call Premier Systems Roofing for your free estimate at (605) 361-4955 or complete our contact form.

  • Kelly Swee Partner
  • Scott Meyer Partner
  • Austin Bettin Partner
  • Scott D. Regional Manager
  • Joe S. Regional Manager
  • Ranae A. Director of Client Relations for Multifamily
  • Jaime S. Production Manager
  • Michelle E. Managed Repair Program Manager
  • Dolores M. Accounting Manager
  • Tiffany S. Invoicing Manager
  • Amber A.
  • Deven B.
  • William C.
  • Trevor F.
  • Glenn G.
  • Kayla H.
  • Chad J.
  • Charlie L.
  • Allison M.
  • Brady N.
  • Lenny N.
  • Justin R.
  • Jeremie S.
  • Braden V.
  • Hugh W.
  • Brad W.
  • Brady W.
  • John D.
  • Nick T.
  • Marissa T.