One of the responsibilities of a roofer is keeping the roof installation project within budget. However, there are certain factors that may drive its costs beyond what was quoted. In today’s post, local roofing contractor Premier Systems Roofing discusses these factors, and how you can prepare for them.

  1. Last-minute changes. It’s not unusual for a homeowner to change their mind about certain details after installation had already started. While changes to a project can be accommodated, it’s not without cost or consequence. For example, a homeowner may find out they want a different asphalt shingle color after the materials are already delivered. Reordering new shingles can result in days or weeks of downtime. A new quote will need to be drawn, and the homeowner will need to pay for the difference. Permits may need to be reapplied for, if structural changes are involved.

  2. Bringing the roof up to code. A typical roof replacement involves retention of the roofing structure or framing. However, if you happen to have an old roof, it may have been built to comply with decades-old building codes. If it isn’t compliant with today’s standards, it means the roofing structure will need to be built up to code. There are long-term benefits like improved energy efficiency, but it will raise the upfront cost.

  3. Hidden moisture damage. Moisture from leaks can sometimes make its way to hidden parts of the roof, resulting in rot and damage that may not be discovered until after the old roof is torn down. Repair costs are, of course, not built into the contract price, and therefore will be added to the bill.

  4. Insects and mold. Like moisture damage, insects and mold can make their way into hidden areas of the roof. While the costs of hiring pest control or mold removal professionals do not figure into the roofing contract price, they can still take up a portion of your budget.

While the factors described above can’t be avoided, you can prepare for them by carefully planning your project, sticking to your plan and having a contingency budget. Learn more about what Premier Systems Roofing can do for you by calling (605) 361-4955 or filling out our contact form to schedule an appointment.