Residential roofing issues vary in terms of how obvious or inconspicuous they are. For instance, you know there’s a leak if there is evidence of discoloration on the ceilings and the presence of mold in your attic insulation. An asphalt shingle roof that looks wavy or rippled, meanwhile, doesn’t tell you whether it requires attention right away.

Trusted roofing company Premier Systems Roofing discusses everything you need to know about asphalt shingle rippling and how you can avoid this problem from occurring on your own roof.

What Is Asphalt Shingle Rippling?

Asphalt shingle rippling is a type of irregularity that can occur in asphalt shingles over time. The resulting bumps or ridges appear to be larger than normal and may even bubble up like someone spilled something underneath it. It’s important to examine your roof regularly for signs of rippling as it could signify other serious problems, such as:

  • Inadequate ventilation in the attic

  • Improper nailing technique during installation

  • Extreme temperature changes

  • Age-related wear and tear

How to Identify Asphalt Shingle Rippling

There are two ways to identify rippling:

  • Professional Inspection. It is best to allow a professional roofer to visually inspect your shingles. By looking closely at the surface, they may be able to identify subtle bumps or ridges that were not present before. They’ll be on the lookout for any areas where a slumping is occurring. This could be due to wet weather causing the shingles to form pools of water, stretching and deforming them in an unsightly way.

  • Touch Test. The other way to identify rippling is through a touch test. The contractor will run their hand lightly along the surface of the shingle. If they detect any ridges or bumps that appear to be larger than normal, it could signify an underlying problem. At this point, they may suggest immediate repairs or a complete replacement, affecting the overall roof cost depending on the damage sustained. 

How to Repair Asphalt Shingle Rippling

Replacing shingles is the most common solution to this roofing issue. This happens when the existing shingle is damaged and has become an obstacle for further repair efforts, such as re-nailing or applying roof cement. Replacing individual shingles can be a more economical solution. Expect higher upfront costs if you need to replace your entire roof. 

Re-nailing is done using slightly larger nails to better secure the existing shingle and prevent future ripple formation. Roof cement can provide a temporary solution while you work to set aside funds for a complete roof replacement.

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