As a recognized roofing company in Sioux Falls, SD, and the surrounding area, Premier Systems Roofing understands that rippled asphalt shingles can lead to disastrous consequences. In this article, we will discuss some of your most pressing concerns regarding asphalt shingle rippling and how to protect your roof in the long run.

What Is Asphalt Shingle Rippling?

Asphalt shingle rippling is a type of roof damage that can occur on your house roof over time. The resulting bumps or ridges may appear larger than normal and may even bubble up as if someone spilled something underneath it. As a homeowner, you should examine your shingles regularly  for signs of rippling as it could signify other serious problems, such as:


  • Inadequate ventilation below the surface of the shingle

  • Improper nailing technique during installation

  • Extreme temperature changes

  • Age-related wear and tear

How to Identify Asphalt Shingle Rippling

There are two ways to identify asphalt shingle rippling:

Visual Inspection

It is best to allow a professional roofer to visually inspect your shingles. By looking closely at the surface, they may be able to identify subtle bumps or ridges that were not present before. They will also be on the lookout for any areas where they may be slumping. This may be because of wet weather, which can cause the shingles to form pools of water, stretching and deforming them.

Touch Test

Another way to identify rippling is through a touch test. The contractor will run their hand lightly along the surface of the shingle. If they detect any ridges or bumps that appear larger than normal, it could signify an underlying problem.

How Asphalt Shingle Rippling Is Repaired

One way to repair asphalt shingle rippling is by re-nailing. This process is done by using slightly larger nails to better secure the existing shingle and prevent future ripple formation. Applying roof cement can also be a temporary solution before you decide on a permanent fix.


However, if the rippling is too extensive and cannot be solved with the aforementioned tips, replacing your shingles may be a more economical option. Remember, failure to repair or replace asphalt shingle rippling can lead to more issues, and eventually, your roof costs may go up.

Let Our Roofing Team Help You

If you spot any signs of rippling on your home’s asphalt shingle roof, get in touch with Premier Systems Roofing. Our experienced technicians will be able to provide roofing solutions that fits best within your budget. We offer top-quality services in Sioux Falls, SD, and our prices are more than competitive. To learn more about how we can help protect your home from asphalt shingle rippling, call (605) 361-4955, or fill out our contact form for a free consultation today!